What You Can Expect

We will make sure your special day is stress-free. We work hand-in-hand with the venue coordinator and we cover all basis. We will be the extra set of eyes and hands to make sure that every detail is accounted for. We want your wedding day to be as perfect as you imagined. 

We will be there from start to finish

Some venue coordinators leave the party before the event even ends. We will NEVER leave the wedding before it is over. We will be there until the very last dance, and make sure all bases are covered. We understand that there are still things that need to be taken care of down to the very last hour. We will communicate and work with the banquet captain to make sure that all decor that belong to the wedding party will be properly put away. 

We will be in contact with all the vendors

We will handle all the communication via e-mail or phone ahead of time. We will do advanced confirmations and make sure that all the details are covered prior to the event. All vendors have been previously screened and approved for our clients to ensure that you will be getting quality service. We will make sure that the vendors know what their roles are at the venue. We will be the liaison with all the vendors so that you will not have to worry about anything. 

We are detail-oriented

We will assure you that things will be double, triple checked for accuracy. Whether it is about where certain items need to be placed, or how the decor will look, guest seating, or any other special circumstances, we will make sure everything is organized down to the T. 

We will handle all tasks with calmness and ease

There is always a chance that things may come up that you did not expect. In those events, we will always have a Plan B, C, or D. We will make sure that the bride will not have to be involved with any of the troubleshooting. We will handle all situations with calmness and ease, so that your friends and family will not detect that anything is wrong at all. We will operate tasks with confidence. 

We will never leave your side

I will always be within earshot of the bride/groom. Sometimes the bride, groom and entourage can get tangled up and cannot leave or assist with emergency situations. As a coordinator I will take care of anything you need on your special day. 

There will be no surprises

We will always be reachable. Call us, text us, or message us. We will have easy communication throughout the entire process. We are transparent and will answer any questions you may have. We value our relationships with our client.